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Employment Agreement

(“Professional title”)


“Company name”, “Corporate identity number”

”Address”, ”Postal Address”


”Employee name” (the “Employee”, xxxxxx-xxxx)

Address: ”Address”, ”Postal Address”

1                    THE EMPLOYMENT

1.1                 This agreement shall become effective on [date] “Effective Date” and supersedes any previous agreements between the Company and the Employee.

1.2                 The Employee shall in his capacity as the Internal Sales Manager – Nordics and in accordance and report directly to Northern European Sales Manager and Area Sales Manager.

1.3                 The Employee’s terms of employment are exhaustively regulated in this agreement.


2.1                 The Employee is employed with six (6) months’ of probation.

2.1.1              If the employer or the employee does not wish the employment to continue after the trial period has expired, both parties have a mutual responsibility to inform the other party no later than at the end of the probationary period. If this is not done, the probationary period automatically turns into a permanent employment until further notice. (Sw. tillsvidareanställning).

2.2                 The Employee shall work full time for the Company. Full time is normally forty (40) hours per week. The Employee is not entitled to overtime compensation.

2.3                 The Employee shall conduct his work at the Company’s office(s) or other places in accordance with business needs. The Company is entitled to instruct the Employee to work for shorter periods of time at the Company’s offices on other locations, if the assignments so require. The employment may require business travel.

2.4                 The Employee does not without the prior written consent from the Company’s Board of Directors have the right to hold employment or directly or indirectly hold or undertake assignments from others, or in any other way be engaged in any other business operations.


3.1                 The monthly salary is SEK X (X) to be paid out monthly in arrears on the 25th of each month.

3.2                 Travel expenses will be reimbursed in accordance with the Company’s from time to time applicable policy.

3.3                 The Employee is entitled to other benefits in accordance with the Company’s from time to time applicable policies. Any commission received is understood to include Swedish vacation pay following Swedish law, no additional vacation compensation will be remunerated on these amounts.

3.4                 The employee is entitled to insurance and pension benefits according to Company Pension Policies. Supplementary pension and other benefits are granted on your annual gross salary while there is no supplementary pension or other benefits upon commission received.

4                    VACATION

                      The Employee shall be entitled to twenty five (25) vacation days per year. The vacation shall in all other aspects be regulated in accordance with the Swedish Annual Leave Act (Sw. Semesterlagen). The Company applies vacation earning and taking year to be coincident, any used not earned vacation may be deducted from the regular pay at employment end. 

5                    INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY

5.1                 The Employee transfers all intellectual property rights to all results. The transfer includes the right for the Company to freely transfer such rights to any third party as well as change the results. The Company also reserves the right to inventions by the Employee in accordance with the Act on the Right to an Employee’s Inventions (1949:345) (Sw. Lag om rätten till arbetstagares uppfinningar), unless such invention is obviously unrelated to the Company and its business activities.

5.2                 The Employee also agrees that any format developed in his line of work, even if not directly covered by any intellectual property protection, shall vest in the Company.

6                    CONFIDENTIALITY

6.1                 The Employee obligates himself from the date of this Agreement and in perpetuity not to disclose to third parties information concerning the Company’s formats, products, business relationships or other matters which are not meant to be known by third parties. The Employee is made aware of the fact that the Act on the Protection of Trade Secrets (1990:409) (Sw. Lag om företagshemligheter) applies.

6.2                 If the Employee leaves the employment, the Employee is obliged to immediately return all products, prototypes or business documentation owned by or related to the Company or its activities of whatever type it may be which have been provided to the Employee or which the Employee in some other manner has had access to. The Employee does not have any right to obtain copies of such documentation.

7                    TERMINATION

7.1                 When the employment is permanent (Sw. tillsvidareanställning), this agreement remains in force until further notice with a termination period of three (3) months on behalf of the Company and three (3) months on behalf of the Employee.


                      The Employee shall immediately when the employment is terminated hand over all Company products such as keys, credit cards, and all material, irrespective of the fact that the Company do or do not own the material, including all copies of such material, and all other Company property that the Employee has due to his employment with the Company.

9                    DAMAGES

9.1                 If the Employee, with intent or by gross negligence, violates the prohibitions in Sections 5.1, 6.1, and/or 8 above, the Employee shall for each violation to the Company pay an amount of three (3) months net salary.

9.2                 The right to receive damages according to Section 10.1 shall not affect the Company’s right to maintain other sanctions against the Employee and claim additional damages, if the actual damage due to the breach of the agreement is higher than the damages according to Section 10.1.

10                 ALTERATIONS

                      Alterations and/or amendments to this agreement shall, to be valid, be made in writing and be signed by both parties.


11.1              This agreement shall be governed by Swedish law.

11.2              Any dispute, controversy or claim under this agreement shall be finally settled through arbitration in accordance with the Rules for Expedited Arbitration of the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce. The proceedings shall be conducted in English.

This agreement has been drawn up in two identical copies of which each party has taken one.

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